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A comparative study based on labellum color analysis of certain Ophrys (Orchidaceae) species in Turkey.
A direct assessment of realized seed and pollen flow within and between two isolated populations of the food-deceptive orchid Orchis mascula.
A new infraspecific taxon: Ophrys apifera var. bicolor f. flaveola.
Acquis récents dans la connaissance du complexe Ophrys fuciflora / Ophrys scolopax (Orchidaceae) en région Rhône-Alpes et dans le Sud-Est de la France.
Adiciones y revisiones al atlas de la flora vascular silvestre de Burgos, IX - (Pàgs. 55-56)
Allopolyploid speciation in Siberian Dactylorhiza (Orchidaceae, Orchidoideae)
Amino Acid Change in an Orchid Desaturase Enables Mimicry of the Pollinator’s Sex Pheromone.
Anacamptis pyramidalis (L.) L.C.M.Rich. var. dunensis Londo, Kreutz & Slings nov. var. (Duinhondskruid), een nieuw taxon voor de Nederlandse flora.
Anotaciones corológicas y taxonómicas al género Serapias L., (Orchidaceae) en Extremadura. (Pàgs. 121-127)
Aportaciones a la flora de la provincia de Huesca, I. - (Pàgs. 69-73)
Aportacions al coneixement de la flora vascular del massís de Boumort i serres veïnes (Prepirineus centrals catalans) – (Pàgs 76-77)
Aproximación al catálogo florístico de las Sierras de Tentudía y Aguafría (Badajoz, España) – (Pàgs. 31, 36-37,44)
Assessment of the data on distribution, habitats and population size of Liparis loeselii (Orchidaceae) in Lithuania.
Asymbiotic seed germination in Orchids: Role of organic additives.
Az utak és az élövilág.
Catálogo florístico del Galacho de Juslibol y su entorno (Zaragoza) – (Pàg. 119)
Chemical composition, antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of essential oil of the inflorescence of Anacamptis coriophora subsp, fragrans (Orchidaceae) from Tunisia.
Chromosome numbers of orchids (Orchidaceae) of the northwestern Russia.
Contribution à la connaissance de Dactylorhiza traunsteineri (Saut.) Soó en Savoie.
Contribution à l'inventaire des orchidées de la Kabylie (Algerie)
Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. incarnata – Fleischfarbenes Knabenkraut (Orchidaceae), Orchidee des Jahres 2015.
Dactylorhiza purpùrella, a new species of the Netherlands? - Addendum.
Dactylorhiza purpurella, eine neue Art er Niederlande?
Dactylorhiza purpurella (T.Stephenson & T.A.Stephenson) Soó – Purperrode orchis, een nieuwe orchideeënsoort voor Nederland?
Darwin at Orchis Bank: selection after the origin.
Differences in mycorrhizal communities between Epipactis palustris, E. helleborine and its presumed sister species E. neerlandica.ica
Diversitat i conservació de les orquídies de la zona litoral de Gavà (delta del Llobregat) – (Pàg. 15)
Does Traunsteinera globosa (the globe orchid) dupe its pollinators throug generalized food deception or mimicry?
Eine neue Ophrys fusca-Sippe aus Nordgriechenland: Ophrys bilunulata subsp. kalirachiensis Paulus, Hirth & Dimadis subsp. nov. (Orchidaceae und Insecta, Apoidea)
El seguiment dels esclops o sabatetes de la Mare de Déu (Cypripedium calceolus L.) al Berguedà, per part del Cos d'Agents Rurals. (Pàg. 78)
Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz subsp. moratoria A. Riechelmann & A. Zirnsack., a new subspecies of Broad-leaved Helleborine in Slovenia.
Eucera (Synhalonia) rufa (Apioidea) polinizador efectivo de Ophrys spectabilis (Orchidaceae)
Factors affecting the distribution and abundance of orchids in grasslands and herbaceous wetlands
Factors influencing IUCN threat levels to orchids across Europe on the basis of national red lists.
Flora and vegetation of Mt Aphrodisio (Peloponnisos, Greece) (Pàg. 56)
Functional significance of labellum pattern variation in a sexually deceptive orchid (Ophrys heldreichii): Evidene of individual signature learning effects.
Genetic diversity of Dactylorhiza incarnata (Orchidaceae) in northern Poland.
Genetic diversity patterns of the orchid Anacamptis pyramidalis at the edges of its distribution range.
Habitat-driven variation in mycorrhizal communities in the terrestrial orchid genus Dactylorhiza.
Habitat preference and flowering-time variation contribute to reproductive isolation between diploid and autotetraploid Anacamptis pyramidalis.
Implications of insect responses to supernormal visual releasing stimuli in intersexual communication and flower-visiting behaviour: A review.
In vitro reproduction of three Limodorum species (Orchidaceae): impacts of scarification methods and nitrogen sources on mature seed germination and seedling development.
Insect visitors and potential pollinators of Orchis militaris (Orchidaceae) in Southern Belgium.
Integrative taxonomy of the fly orchid group: insights from chemical ecology.
La presenze di Ophrys exaltata s.l. in provincia di Taranto e in Puglia.
Labellum micromorphology of some orchid genera (Orchidaceae) distributed in the Black Sea region in Turkey.
Lectotypification d’Ophrys funerea VIVIANI
Les pollinisateurs des Ophrys precoces – Yves Wilcox.
Many ways to get happy: Pollination modes of european Epipactis species.
Marked hybridization and introgression in Ophrys sect. Pseudophrys in the western Iberian Peninsula
Matching molecular genetics and morphology in the genus Ophrys.
Megporzási válság - A pollináció mint természeti szolgáltatás.
Miért olyan sikeresek a csalók? A megtévesztő megporzású orchideák titka.
Miroir, mon beau miroir, dis-moi qui est la plus belle? (Pàgs. 19 i 25)
Morphological variability of Himantoglossum s.s. (Orchidaceae) in Greece.
Multiple shifts to different pollinators fuelled rapid diversification in sexually deceptive Ophrys orchids.
Mycorrhizal fungal diversity and community composition in two closely related Platanthera (Orchidaceae) Species.
Neue Bestäuber-Beobachtungen in der Ophrys tenthredinifera-Artengruppe der Ägäis mit Beschreibung von Ophrys lychnitis aus Paros.
Neue typisierungen, zwei neue kombinationen und eine neue Dactylorhiza-sippe aus Luxemburg.
New measurements of thousand-seed weights of species in the pannonian flora – (Pàgs. 195-196)
Niche analysis of orchids of serpentine and non-serpentine areas: Implications for conservation.
Noch einmal: Ophrys galilaea oder sicula oder minor?
Nonrandom seedling establishment corresponds with distance-dependent decline in mycorrhizal abundance in two terrestrial orchids.
Notizen zur “Flora von Istrien”, Teil II. (Pàgs. 75-79; 85 – 88)
Noves aportacions al catàleg de flora de Montserrat. (Pàgs. 3-4)
Nuevos datos sobre Ophrys en el País Vasco.
Once again on Ophrys lutea: galilaea or sicula or minor?
Ophrys istriensis Hertel, Paulus & Weyland, eine neue Art der Ophrys holoserica-Gruppe aus Istrien.
Ophrys ×armentariae (Orchidaceae) nuevo híbrido de Aragón.
Ophrys ×sommieri (Orchidaceae), a new taxon for eastern Andalusia (Spain)
Ophrys ×terschureniana, a hybrid new for Latium (Central Italy)
Orchideen im Schweizerischen Nationalpark. (Pàgs. 9-11)
Orchidoflore sur un transect Bibans / M'Sila: Inventaire, cartographie et ecologie.
Orchids and their habitats in Georgia.
Past and future of the EU-habitat directive species Liparis loeselii in relation to landscape and habitat dynamics in SW-Texel, the Netherlands.
Pollinie et pollinaire, une question de définition.
Preliminaries to the study of pollination ecology of Epipactis palustris (L.) Crantz (Orchidaceae, Neottieae) in Poland.
Recent range expansion of a terrestrial orchid corresponds with climate-driven variation in its population dynamics.
Relationships between orchid and fungal biodiversity: Mycorrhizal preferences in Mediterranean orchids.
Responses of orchids to habitat change in Corsica over 27 years.
Richese floristique du Parc National de Gouraya (Bejaia, Algérie)
Rosmieszcnie storczykowatych Orchidaceae w polskiej części Gór Orlockich i Pogórza Orlickiego.
Schroeforchis (Spiranthes Rich.) in Nederland.
Seed micromorphology of Orchis Tourn. Ex L. (Orchidaceae) and allied genera growing in Edirne province, Turkey.
Shapes of leaves with parallel venation. Modelling of the Epipactis sp. (Orchidaceae) leaves with the help of a system of coupled elastic beams.
Species boundaries in the Ophrys iricolor group in Tunisia: do local endemics always matter?
Specificity and localised distribution of mycorrhizal fungi in the soil may contribute to co-existence of orchid species.
Strong pollinator-mediated selection for increased flower brightness and contrast in a deceptive orchid.
Pinopsida (Gynosperms) Magnoliopsida (Angiosperms) p.p.: Subclass Magnoliidae [Amborellanae to Magnolianae, Lilianae p.p. (Acorales to Asparagales)]. Orchidaceae
Sympatric reinforcement of reproductive barriers between Neotinea tridentata and N. Ustulata (Orchidaceae)
The impact of hybridation on long-term persistence of polyploid Dactylorhiza species.
The MADS-box Genes Involved in Orchid Flower Development.
The Pollination of European Orchids Part 4: Goodyera and Spiranthes
The Pollination of European Orchids Part 5: Himantoglossum and Anacamptis, Two Examples of deceptive Pollination.
The role of anthropogenic habitats as substitutes for natural habitats: a case study on Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz (Orchidaceae, Neottieae). Variations in size and nutrient composition of seeds
Threat categories of the Greek orchids (Orchidaceae)
Three Taxa of Epipactis (Orchidaceae-Epidendroideae) New for the Flora of Serbia.
Torymus arcticus (Torymidae), ein neuer Bestäuber für Chamorchis alpina.
Tres nuevas orquídeas para la flora de la provincia de Cáceres. (Pàg.s 56-58)
Twee nieuwe orchideeëntaxa op de Waddeneilanden: Dactylorhiza vadorum Kreutz & H.Dekker, spec. nov., en zijn gevlekte vorm Dactylorhiza vadorum var. picturata Kreutz & H.Dekker, var. nov.
Using the past to predict the future: the case of French Mediterranean orchids.
Was ist Ophrys fucifera?
Who helps whom? Pollination strategy of Iris tuberosa and its relationship with a sexually deceptive orchid.
Why do floral perfumes become different? Region-specific selection on floral scent in a terrestrial orchid
Window of opportunity of Liparis loeselii populations during vegetation succession on the Wadden Sea islands.
Zwei typisierungen, zwei neue kombinationen und zwei neeu orchideen-taxa aus Belgien.

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