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Articles d'investigació - Any: 2020

A Revision of the Taxonomy and Identification of Epipactis greuteri (Orchidaceae, Neottieae)
A Synopsis of Sardinian Studies: Why Is it Important to Work on Island Orchids?
Adicciones y apuntes al catálogo de orquídeas de la provincia de Palencia
Adiciones a la flora de la provincia de Guadalajara, IV. (Pàg. 129)
Agronomic characteristics of Serapias vomeracea (Burm. f.) Briq. salep orchids.
Algunas especies nuevas o poco citadas para la comarca de la Safor (Valencia), II - (Pàg. 143)
Altered rhizoctonia assemblages in grasslands on ex‐arable land support germination of mycorrhizal generalist, not specialist orchids.
Anacamptis ×rayyana nothosp. nov. (Orchidaceae), un nuevo híbrido para el sur de la Península Ibérica.
Aportacions a la flora vascular de la meitat nord de les serralades Litoral i Prelitoral catalanes.
Aproximación al catálogo de plantas vasculares del Cerro de Almodóvar (Madrid) y a sus comunidades vegetales
Bosvogeltjes in Zuid-Limburg: een inventarisatie
Cephalanthera epipactoides (Orchidaceae) in Russia.
Divergent selection on flowering phenology but not on floral morphology between two closely related orchids.
De flora valentina, XIX - (Pàg. 149)
Diversity of root-associated culturable fungi of Cephalanthera rubra (Orchidaceae) in relation to soil characteristics.
Do fungal associates of co-occurring orchids promote seed germination of the widespread orchid species Gymnadenia conopsea?
Epipactis leptochila (Orchidaceae), una nova espècie per a la flora de Catalunya
Epipogium aphyllum - Geister in dunklen Wäldern (Auszug aus "FloraCH - Die botanische Zeitschrift der Schweiz)
Floral scent evolution in the section Pseudophrys: pollinator-mediated selection or phylogenetic constraints?
Floral trait differentiation in Anacamptis coriophora: Phenotypic selection on scents, but not on colour
Fruitаge and seed viability of Orchis purpurea (Orchidaceae) at the northeast limit of distribution.
Heavy metal tolerance of orchid populations growing on abandoned mine tailings: A case study in Sardinia Island (Italy)
Híbridos naturales de la família Orchidaceae en la montaña palentina (Castilla y Leon) y Picos de Europa (Cantabria)
High haplotype diversity with fine‐scale structure in a recently established population of an endangered orchid
Identification of (Z)-8-Heptadecene and n-Pentadecane as Electrophysiologically Active Compounds in Ophrys insectifera and Its Argogorytes Pollinator.
Impact of Climate Change on the Distribution of Four Closely Related Orchis (Orchidaceae) Species
Inventaire des orchidées de la partie septentrionale de la Wilaya de Sétif (nord-est de l'Algérie)
Is the lady's-sliper orchid (Cypripedium calceolus) likely to shortly become extinct in Europe?-Insights based on ecological niche modelling.
Lack of strong selection pressures maintains wide variation in floral traits in a food-deceptive orchid.
Les epipactis de Catalunya
Modelling sexually deceptive orchid species distributions under future climates: the importance of plant–pollinator interactions
Nouvelle station de Cephalanthera rubra (Orchidaceae) au Babor (nord-est de l’Algérie)
Novedades corológicas para cuatro especies de orquídeas en la comarca del Andévalo (Huelva, España)
On the hybrid origin of Dactylorhiza brennensis and implications for the taxonomy of allotetraploid Dactylorhiza
Ophrys dimidiata eine neue, bisher unbeschriebene Art aus dem Ophrys tenthredinifera-Komplex auf Kreta (Orchidaceae)
Ophrys eretriae eine neue Art aus dem Ophrys mammosa Komplex von der Insel Euböa (Griechenland)
Ophrys metaurensis a new species from the Marche region (Central Italy)
Ophrys passionis et Ophrys marzuola (Orchidaceae) en Catalogne (Espagne)
Phenotypic expression of floral traits in hybrid zones provides insights into their genetic architecture.
Pollination mechanisms are driving orchid distribution in space.
Primera cita de Ophrys santonica J.-M. Mathé y F. Melki (Orchidaceae) en la provincia de Guadalajara
Primera localidad de Epipogium aphyllum Sw (Orchidaceae) en el parque nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido (Huesca)
Rijke nieuwe groeiplaats van Bleek bosvogeltje in Zuid-Limburg ontdekt
Roadsides provide refuge for orchids: characteristic of the surrounding landscape
Seed dispersal and realized gene flow of two forest orchids in a fragmented landscape.
Sobre la presencia de Orchis olbiensis Reut, ex Grenier. en la Comunidad Foral de Navarra.
Sources of floral scent variation in the food-deceptive orchid Orchis mascula
Species diversity of micromycetes associated with Epipactis helleborine and Epipactis purpurata (Orchidaceae, Neottieae) in Southwestern Poland.
Su alcuni taxa della flora orchidologica tunisina.
Temporal and spatial patterns of orchid species distribution in Greece: implications for conservation
The composition of the aroma of Serapias orchids in Basilicata (Southern Italy)
The dark side of Orchid Symbiosis: Can Tulasnella calospora Decompose Host Tissues?
The effect of encapsulated plant extract of hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis L.) in biopolymer nanoemulsions of Lepidium perfoliatum and Orchis mascula on controlling oxidative stability of soybean oil.
The Role of Ecological Factors in Distribution and Abundance of Terrestrial Orchids.
Three-year pot culture of Epipactis helleborine reveals autotrophic survival, without mycorrhizal networks, in a mixotrophic species.
Un nuovo ibrido di Ophrys nel territorio di Roma (Lazio)

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