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Articles d'investigació - Any: 2021

A morphometric study on Ophrys sect. Pseudophrys in Apulia (Italy) and discovery of Ophrys japigiae sp. nov. (Orchidaceae)
A new subspecies of Epipactis microphylla (Orchidaceae; Epidendroideae) from Pantelleria Island (Sicily)
À propos de quelques noms illégitimes d’orchidées d’Europe.
À propos de quelques noms invalides d'orchidées.
Actualización de la Checklist de la flora vascular de Andorra.
Adiciones y correcciones a la orquidoflora valenciana, IX
Adiciones y revisiones al catálogo de la flora vascular de Cantabria, III
An Orchid in Retrograde: Climate-Driven Range Shift Patterns of Ophrys helenae in Greece
Anotaciones a la diversidad del Grupo Anacamptis morio s.l. (ORCHIDACEAE) en Extremadura.
Aportación al estudio de las orquídeas silvestres de Burgos y sus municipios limítrofes.
Aportaciones a la flora de la comarca del Alto Mijares (Castellón)
Aroma components of Cephalanthera orchids.
Asymmetric contributions of seed and pollen to gene dispersal in the marsh orchid Dactylorhiza umbrosa in Asia Minor.
Can plants fool artificial intelligence? Using machine learning to compare between bee orchids and bees.
Challenges Inherent in the Systematics and Taxonomy of Genera that have Recently Experienced Explosive Radiation: The Case of Orchids of the Genus Ophrys.
Comparative chromosome studies in species of subtribe Orchidinae (Orchidaceae)
Contribución al conocimiento de la orquideoflora de la Comunidad Foral de Navarra (Noreste de la Península Ibérica)
Contribución al conocimiento del grupo Ophrys lutea s.l. (ORCHIDACEAE) en Extremadura.
Contribution to the study of wild Orchidaceae, genus Platanthera L.C.M. Richard. Karyotype and C-banding analysis of two species from Italy.
Data on the present and future distribution of suitable niches of the black vanilla orchid (Nigritella nigra s.l., Orchidaceae) and its pollinators.
Die bunten Brunellen vom Puflatsch in Südtirol – nehmen die Bedrohungen kein Ende?
Distribution of Orchids with Different Rooting Systems in the Czech Republic
Do floral and ecogeographic isolation allow the co‐occurrence of two ecotypes of Anacamptis papilionacea (Orchidaceae)?
Ecological and phylogenetic constraints determine the stage of anthetic ovule development in orchids.
Ecological factors affecting the fitness of the threatened orchid Anacamptis robusta (Orchidaceae): Habitat disturbance, interactions with a co‐flowering rewarding orchid and hybridization events.
Effective typification of Ophrys apifera (Orchidaceae; Orchidoideae)
El grupo Ophrys tenthredinifera (Orchidaceae) en la Península Ibérica e Islas Baleares.
Findings to the flora of Russia and adjacent countries: New national and regional vascular plant records, 3
First report on the pollination of Neotinea maculata (Orchidaceae) by minor worker ants of the Temnothorax exilis group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
Floral trait and mycorrhizal similarity between an endangered orchid and its natural hybrid.
Fungal symbionts may modulate nitrate inhibitory effect on orchid seed germination.
Genome Size Diversity in Rare, Endangered, and Protected Orchids in Poland.
Híbridos silvestres de plantas vasculares en la provincia de Burgos.
Himantoglossum adriaticum H. Baumann × Himantoglossum robertianum (Loisel.) P. Delforge: A New Interspecific Hybrid Assessed by Barcoding Analysis.
Historical records of Neottia cordata and Hammarbya paludosa, new in the Kazakhstan flora.
How did the agricultural policy during the communist period affect the decline in orchid biodiversity in central and eastern Europe?
How to Protect Natural Habitats of Rare Terrestrial Orchids Effectively: A Comparative Case Study of Cypripedium calceolus in Different Geographical Regions of Europe.
Hyacintorchis (Himantoglossum robertianum), een nieuwe orchideeënsoort voor Nederland.
In nomen omen : the effect of flower distance on female reproductive success of the lax-flowered orchid Anacamptis laxiflora (Orchidaceae)
In situ morphometric survey elucidates the evolutionary systematics of the orchid genus Gymnadenia in the British Isles.
Increasing fungal abundance in the substrate enhances seed germination in a fully mycoheterotrophic orchid.
Inventaire des Orchidées de la Wilaya de Béjaïa (Petite Kabylie, Algérie) sur dix-sept années.
Is Ophrys pollination more opportunistic than previously thought? Insights from different field methods of pollinator observation.
L'Ophrys abeille, une orchidée polymorphe.
Les défis inhérents à la systématique et à la taxinomie de genres ayant connu une radiation explosive récente: le cas des orchidées du genre Ophrys.
Microsatellites and petal morphology reveal new patterns of admixture in Orchis hybrid zones.
Molecular evidence of species-and subspecies-level distinctions in the rare Orchis patens s.l. and implications for conservation
Monografies de la Institució Catalana d'Història Natural 2. Llista Vermella de la flora vascular de Catalunya Any 2020
Mycorrhizal Communities and Isotope Signatures in Two Partially Mycoheterotrophic Orchids.
Neue Beobachtungen intermediärer Waldhyazinthen in Europa mit Anmerkungen zu deren historischen Namen.
New record of the violet helleborine Epipactis purpurata Sm. in the Myśliborski Gorge (Kaczawskie Foothills, Western Sudetes) [in Polish with English summary]
New taxonomic and distributive data for Serapias tunetana – a North African species from the Serapias lingua aggregate.
Nigritella suceveana C.A.J. KREUTZ, M.M. BOBOCEA & O. GERBAUD, spec. nov.
Notas corológicas para el Atlas de la Flora del Pirineo, I. Sierra de Guara (Prepirineo Aragonés)
Notas florísticas del Parque Nacional de la Sierra de Guadarrama.
Notes florístiques de les conques altes dels rius Segre i Llobregat. V
Nuevas aportaciones de interés corológico a la orquidoflora de la provincia de Valladolid.
Observations on Epipactis dunensis f. pinetorum, a rare form of Dune Helleborine in Britain and Ireland.
144.- Ophrys subfusca (Rchb.f.) Hausskn.
Orchideeën koloniseren jonge Zuid-Limburgse loofbosjes.
Orchidées d’Algérie : inventaire et cartographie sur un transect Kabylie – Monts de Hodna
Orchids of Azerbaijani Cemeteries.
Orchids of Mongolia: Taxonomy, Species Richness and Conservation Status.
Orchids of the Occupied Palestinian Territories (West Bank, Palestine)
Pollen viability of Euro‐Mediterranean orchids under different storage conditions: The possible effects of climate change.
Seed longevity of the Orchidaceae of Greece in various storage conditions - What we know today and which are the research priorities for the future.
Serapias ausoniae (Orchidaceae; Orchideae): a new species from southern Italy confimed by morphological, cytological and molecular analyses.
Significant habitat loss of the black vanilla orchid (Nigritella nigra s.l., Orchidaceae) and shifts in its pollinators availability as results of global warming.
Specialization for Tachinid Fly Pollination in the Phenologically Divergent Varieties of the Orchid Neotinea ustulata.
Symbiont switching and trophic mode shifts in Orchidaceae.
Temporal turnover in mycorrhizal interactions: a proof of concept with orchids.
The Epipactis helleborine Group (Orchidaceae): An overview of Recent Taxonomic Changes, with an Updated List of Currently Accepted Taxa.
The evolution of tachinid pollination in Neotinea ustulata is related to floral cuticular composition and the combined high relative production of (Z)‐11‐C23/C25enes.
The role of Natura 2000 Network in protecting the orchid flora of East Macedonia (NE Greece)
The Scent of Himantoglossum Species Found in Basilicata (Southern Italy)
The scent of Neotinea orchids from Basilicata (Southern Italy)
Underexplored and overlooked intermediate morphotypes of European Platanthera, a critical re-evaluation.
Veluwse wespenorchis (Epipactis veluwensis) een nieuwe Epipactis-soort in Nederland
Volatile Organic Compounds from Orchis Species Found in Basilicata (Southern Italy)
Whole plastid genome-based phylogenomics supports an inner placement of the O. insectifera group rather than a basal position in the rapidly diversifying Ophrys genus (Orchidaceae)
Whole plastomes are not enough: phylogenomic and morphometric exploration at multiple demographic levels of the bee orchid clade Ophrys sect. Sphegodes
Wymarłe i zanikające storczyki Dolnego Śląska.

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